Thank you for seeing if we can help you. We only accept comprehensive neuropsychological reports from doctoral-level clinical psychologists (i.e. PsyD or PhD) with special training in neuropsychological testing, we do not accept screenings or clinical assessment of ADD or ADHD from masters level psychotherapists (e.g. LCSW, LPC, NCC, MEd) for stimulant prescriptions.We will not prescribe any stimulant medication (e.g. ritalin, adderall, concerta, vyvanse) for a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD without a neuropsychological evaluation report sent to us reflecting an ADD/ADHD diagnosis before your visit. If you have not had neuropsychological testing, below is a link for a list of local clinical psychologists that perform neuropsychological testing and evaluation, please reach out to set up an appointment for testing. Once you receive the report, please let us know.

For additional resources for ADD/ADHD, see the link below.

CHADD - Improving the lives of people affected by ADHD

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